Simply click the Register button on the top-right section of the site beside the login button and it pop up a button and information. Click the button “Become A Member” and input all the necessary information.

After registration make sure that your account status is APPROVED. If not, contact one of our staff for approval. Continue your review process by click on Course Content available on the website. Here’s the quick link of the page: COURSE PAGE

To be able to approve your account easily upload your payment receipt to our website. Make sure that you contact us or remind us about the payment. After that, we will also remind you or text you about account approval.

We offer 6 basic major board subject but the lessons inside our online review are more detailed than ever. We have 2 packages available namely: ETEEAP Enhancements and Criminology Review. For more information about this offer please click on this link

To upload you payment receipt simply go to UPLOAD YOUR RECEIPT page.

Some of the review materials on our website is not available for downloads especially on the review notes and lessons. But you can download our question and answer notes or Q & A notes for members only.

As of now, the payment process is through direct payment from satellite school, online bank transfer and gcash. Message or contact us if you made a payment.

You can always use our contact form page or email us at support@jaudian-geminireview.com or text/call us at 09262336865

Our physical office is located at 3rd Floor, Cagayan de Oro Press Club Bldg., Don Apolinar Velez-A.Luna Sts. Cagayan de Oro City. We have also review satellite branch and school branch at Sampaloc City Manila, Iloilo, Valencia, Davao City, Kalibo North, Dipolog and Oroquita.